Voreina Suites
Pyrgos, Santorini, GR
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Voreina Gallery Suites is located within Pyrgos. The suites are perched on the northern hillside, which allows for a panoramic view of the island and Aegean Sea. Keeping with tradition and conservation of the village, it maintains the bold architectural lines that have come to form the quintessential Cycladic landscape.

The nine modern and spacious suites combine artwork with bright colors. The hospitable atmosphere and the luxurious facilities allow you to relax and enjoy an unforgettable holiday. Each suite has its own character. There are well equipped kitchens, private swimming pools or Jacuzzis, fireplaces, large shower rooms. All of them offer a private veranda and are equipped with modern technology.


The idea of a “habitable gallery” developed from the owners’ love for art and their efforts to give the hotel a reason of being beyond that of hospitality. In Voreina everyone can enjoy the comforts of a fully functional suite, while the art pieces that exist in each space are integrated in a way that the guest can experience them in a living situation. ┬áThis gives our guests the opportunity to relate to the artwork in a way that may not be possible in a different art space.

Phone: +30 22860 30700
Reception: reception@voreinasuites.gr
Website: www.voreinasuites.gr
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