In the years between 1711 and 1724, at an altitude of 567 m above Pyrgos, the male monastery of Profitis (Prophet) Elias was built. The view from this point is fantastic. Few monks live here, and access to females has been allowed since 1853.

The monastery’s catholic is the church of Prophitis (Prophet) Elias Thesvitis. The first stage of its reconstruction was completed in 1724. The church follows the cross-in-square type and is connected to the chapel of Hypapante to the south and the church of Aghias Triada to the north. There are two more churches above those chapels: Aghios Ioannis and Aghii Konstantinos and Eleni. Apart from the katholikon (main church), you may also visit a museum exhibiting folk and ecclesiastical artifacts, such as traditional tools and furniture, chalices, crosses, and holy relics.

The chancel screen and the catholic’s icons are worth noticing. There are also many holy relics in the monastery.

In the evening of Holy Saturday, don’t miss the chance to go up to the monastery: Celebrations are traditional, and electricity is not being used. The memoryof Prophet Elias is celebrated on July 20.

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