The island is among the first choices of tourist destinations around the world. It is lush, overgrown with vines producing wine. Once you would reach the island in August all people lived with a fast pace and started the vedema -the harvest. The Santorinians had to pick the grapes, to step on them and put the must in large oak barrels, it ferments and creates the famous Santorini wine. After saving the must into barrels, they continued with the production of tsikoudia (raki), which is made from the skins of pressed grapes.


Assyrtiko is a variety with character. One either likes it or hates it. The microclimate of Santorini gives a wine with mineral elements, high acidity and explosive body which is well suited to the volcanic nature of the island. The other basic varieties are Athiri, Aidani (white varieties), Mantilaria and Mavrotragano (red varieties). At the same time the island has several native varieties, rare nowadays, such as Boudomato.


Santorinians were perfectionists in the production of wine and especially Vinsanto, the famous wine made from white grapes dried under the sun on rooftops. Vinsanto is a dark, sweet and strong wine. In the old days it was exported to Russia and used in Holy Communion.


Assyrtiko. Athiri, Aidani: The three basic varieties of white grapes, with Assyrtiko being the most prevalent.
Vedema: The period of the grape harvest and wine-making. It begins in August and ends around October

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