CULTURAL VILLAGE “Santorini of the Past”


84700 Santorini, GR
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It’s really amazing how the Santorinians love their place! One of those is Giannis Drosos-Chrysos with his desire to not to forget Santorini of the past and believing that we must keep this memory alive. The younger generation needs to be reminded of time their ancestors lived, how they worked with enthusiasm and consistency.

In the traditional area of his father’s canava, which was built in 1895 there are the old, wine barrels and as well as historical family objects. The grapes, the wine press, tomato processing , the distillation of raki, hunter (poharis), fava, the mansion and farmhouse and many other exhibits give visitors an idea of what Santorini was like in the past.

Visit the Santorini of the Past Cultural Village of Pyrgos