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With a great deal of daring, and driven by a love for the knowledge about and production of quality wine, the Hatzidakis winery was born in 1996 in the minds of its creators, Haridimos and Konstantina.

The privately-owned vineyard of the Hatzidakis family, which is in the VQPRD zone (vin de qualité produit dans une région déterminée), was already home to a building constructed in the volcanic rock – the traditional ‘caves’ of Santorini. In 1997, after a great deal of hard work, it was literally transformed into a small winery. An essential factor leading towards the excellent result was the extra special efforts made by its owners and, of course, their passion for creation which, from then until now, has lead the Hatzidakis winery through steady steps of progress.

Haridimos Hatzidakis was born and raised on Crete. He studied in Athens at the Technical School of Wine & Beverages and after his graduation he worked as an oenologist in Santorini and Crete for ‘J Boutaris & Sons Wineries S.A.’.

Konstantina Chrysou Hatzidaki comes from Santorini but was born and raised in Athens. In 1994 she decided to move to Santorini and she worked for ‘J Boutaris & Sons Wineries S.A.’ where she was in charge of hospitality in the winery’s visiting section. This is where she met Haridimos. After a few disagreements on a professional level, true love found its way through! In 1996 they moved in together and then got married in 1997.

In 1996 Konstantina showed Haridimos her family vineyard in the village of Pyrgos in Kallisti on the road that leads to the monastery of Prophet Ilia. It had not been cared for because her parents (George & Katerina Chrysou) had left Santorini after the earthquake in 1956 when they moved to Athens. And so since then until 1996 nobody had cultivated this particular estate. Eventually, Haridimos replanted the vine which he continues to cultivate organically today.

During their visit to the vineyard, Haridimos noticed the cave. A long time ago Konstantina’s grandfather used it to store his farming tools and also to accommodate his cow!

We can make a little ‘Canava’ here, said Haridimos. ‘Canava’ is the name given to wineries in Santorini. And so with much patience, perseverance, enthusiasm and a great deal of work, the small winery built into the rock turned from a lifetime dream into a reality!

Haridimos and Konstantina have 3 children and their family lives exclusively off the work of the winery.

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